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Eskmo & Kira Kira:

Motions Like These

Out June 21, 2019
Eskmo and Kira Kira met Summer Solstice 2014 when The Echo Society, an LA based composer collective, invited Kira to write music for the second edition of their immersive concert series, performed by a 15 piece orchestra. After this show, they recorded an improv session in Rob Simonsen’s studio where the seeds for their collaboration were planted.
This led to them joining forces some months later for a winter performance at the Iceland Airwaves festival backed by an ensemble of local top tier musicians. The day following, they locked themselves away for 15 hours straight in Alex Somers’ studio in Reykjavík. There they recorded 9 ideas for songs that have been lovingly and patiently sculpted between their homes in Los Angeles and Reykjavík over a period of 5 years.
The two produce, sing and play most of the instruments heard on the album with field recordings from both homelands woven in. The songs also feature guest appearances by trumpet player and composer Eiríkur Orri Ólafsson - who was an active force within the music world of múm and Sigur Rós for some 20 years as well as contrabass player Ian Walker who is part of The Echo Society’s family.
Eskmo & Kira Kira: all tracks: writing, mixing, production, lyrics, vocals, synths, percussion, piano, field recordings, harmonium organ, samplers, vibraphone.
Photography: Jamie Azar, with special thanks to Amanda Maciel Antunes.
Anaïs Godard: album cover type, lyrics and additional vocals on "Sometimes."
Eiríkur Orri Ólafsson: trumpet, Flügelhorn, and whistles.
Ian Walker: contrabass.
Hilmar Jensson (Kitchen Motors): guitar on "Straum."
Albert The Wonder Squirrel: vocals on "Pepper & Pinecones."
Korus: choral samples on "Backbone" & "Devotion."
Shawn Hatfield: mastering.
Album recorded in Skemmtihusið, Alex Somers' studio in Reykjavik. Special thanks to him and Jónsi for letting us record with their instruments. Special thanks to Rob Simonsen & The Echo Society for bringing us together.
Published by Ancestor, ASCAP
Publishing inquiries: Third Side Music / Mute Song
Scoring inquiries: Bradley Rainey @ WME
1. Sometimes
2. Backbone
3. Devotion
4. Radiopia
5. Amae
6. Ljósofin
7. Straum
8. Hvörf
9. Pepper & Pinecones