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Brendan Angelides is a Los Angeles based music producer & composer. His multi-genre records have been released on record labels Interscope, Ninja Tune, Warp, Planet Mu, Milan and his own imprint: Ancestor. Beginning at the start of 2020, a decision was made to move on from using the moniker "Eskmo."
Angelides is the composer for 13 Reasons Why (Netflix) and Billions (Showtime). In 2019 & 2020, he scored the motion picture “Naked Singularity” (Ridley Scott Presents, 3311) and the VR experience “Minimum Mass” which is an official selection of the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival and winner of the 2020 Annecy International Animation Film Festival for "Best VR."
In 2015, he created FeelHarmonic which connects creatives, from a variety of fields, to collaborate on bringing the deaf community new ways to experience sound. They develop hands-on events that engage and excite while fostering a sense of exploration, communication and connection. These events are brought to schools, educational institutions and communal centers.
Brendan is one of the founding members of the Echo Society, which is a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization. It gathers to inspire, challenge, and enrich the community through the creation and performance of new sonic and visual art presented during singular, one-night-only experiences. As a collective, they have so far presented sold out experiences in the LA area within a variety of unique locations. A roster of international guests have taken part.
Naked Singularity - 3311, Scott Free Productions (score composed as Brendan Angelides)
Minimum Mass VR - Sundance Institute, Epic Games (score composed as Brendan Angelides)
13 Reasons Why: Season 4 - Netflix (score composed as Eskmo)
Billions: Season 5 - Showtime (First half of season score composed as Eskmo, Second half as Brendan Angelides)
13 Reasons Why: Season 3 - Netflix (score composed as Eskmo)
Billions: Season 4 - Showtime (score composed as Eskmo)
13 Reasons Why: Season 3 - Netflix (score composed as Eskmo)
Billions: Season 3 - Showtime (score composed as Eskmo)
13 Reasons Why: Season 1 - Netflix (score composed as Eskmo)
Billions: Season 2 - Showtime (score composed as Eskmo)
Billions: Season 1 - Showtime (score composed as Eskmo)
The Cleanse, Indie Feature, (score composed by Rob Simonsen, as Eskmo and Russ Howard
13 REASONS WHY Season 3 OST (Netflix) : Original Score: Paramount
ESKMO feat White Sea: “Ordinary World” (for 13 Reasons Why)
ESKMO & KIRA KIRA: “Motions Like These”: Ancestor
13 REASONS WHY Season 2 OST (Netflix) : Original Score: Interscope
SELENA GOMEZ: "Only You" : (Produced as Eskmo) : Interscope
ESKMO: "Clocks" : The Echo Society (Performed live at "FAMILY" alongside Anais and Elsa Godard)
MEW: "Carry Me To Safety" (Eskmo Remix): Play It Again Sam
13 REASONS WHY OST (Netflix) : Original Score and theme song : Interscope
BILLIONS OST (Showtime): Original Score: Milan
BILLIONS (Showtime): Original Score and theme music : Milan
ESKMO: "SOL B Sides" free give away
ESKMO: "Aether" : The Echo Society (Performed and recorded live at "V" with a 30 piece orchestra)
ESKMO: "Locomotive" : The Echo Society (Performed and recorded live at "VEILS" with a 9 piece chamber ensemble)
ESKMO: "Jupiter" : The Echo Society (Performed and recorded live at "BLOOM" with a 20 piece chamber orchestra)
ESKMO: "SOL" : (Full length LP) : Apollo
DAVID DOUGLAS: "Moonflower" feat Petter Carlsen (Eskmo Remix)
ESKMO: "Perspective" :
The Echo Society (Performed and recorded live with a 12 piece chamber orchestra)
ESKMO: 5 unreleased songs from 2008-2012 given for free on Soundcloud
ESKMO: "Polar Bear and Blackbirds" : The Echo Society (Performed and recorded live with a 12 piece chamber orchestra)
HUNDRED WATERS: "Boreal" (Eskmo Remix) OWSLA
ESKMO: "Terra" EP : Ancestor
ESKMO: "Language" EP : Ancestor
WELDER: "Ocean" (made from field recordings from China) Expedisound
WELDER: "Florescence" LP : Ancestor
ESKMO: "Eskmo" LP : Ninja Tune
ESKAMON (Amon Tobin & Eskmo collaboration) : "Fine Objects" : Ancestor
ESKMO: "Lands and Bones" : Warp Records
ESKMO: "Let Them Sing" / "From the Standpoint" : Planet Mu
BIBIO (ESKMO REMIX): "Dwrcan" : Warp Records
STS9: "Shock Doctrine" (ESKMO + WELDER remixes) : 1320 Records
ESKMO: "Hypercolor" - EP : Ancestor
COTK (ESKMO REMIX): "We Are the Glitch" : Blipswitch
JASON SPARKS (ESKMO REMIX) : "One Eyed Man" : Contrabass
SUB SWARA (ESKMO remix) : "Deconstructing the Absence" : Sub Swara
ESKMO: "Agnus Dei " / "Harmony" : Ancestor
BAR 9 (ESKMO REMIX): "Murda Sound" : Z Audio
WELDER : "Chalice Well" EP : Ancestor
WELDER & SEED : "Last Place to Hide / Sirens" (2 tracks on "Chime" compilation)
WELDER : "Bombo's Song" (single track on "Mongolia Expediasound" compilation)
WELDER : "Purple and Orange Remix EP" : Cyberset
ESKMO : "Willow Grail / Process / Trudge" : Studio Rockers
ESKMO+THE ANTISERUM : "Speaker's Corner REMIX" : Cyberfunk
ESKMO+DJ QUEST : "Speaker's Corner" : Cyberfunk
ESKMO : "Jetski / Sand Dunes" : Bassrock
ESKMO : "Amphibian" : BAD Compilation : Full Melt
ESKMO+THE ANTISERUM : "Monstahs" : BAD Compilation Full Melt
WELDER : "Bamboo Snow" EP : Native State
ESKMO : 'Speaking In Tonuges / Inastance" : Mechanoise
ESKMO : "No Man's Land (30hz, Eskmo Remix) / Waterfight" : Vertical Sound
ESKMO+30HZ : "Ghost In The Machine" : 2006 : Vertical Sound
ESKMO : "Only a Few / Forces of Spirit" : 2006 : Downbeat
ESKMO : "Cliffside / Embryonic" : 2006 : Cyberfunk
WELDER : "Vines and Stream" LP : 2006 : Cyberset
ESKMO+BACKDRAFT : "Basement" : Downbeat
ESKMO : "Amston Lake Recordings" Self released- home made cd
ESKMO : "Ascension" Self released - home made cd
Eskmo : "Illuminate" Self released- home made cd
Eskmo : "Machines on Task" Self released- home made cd