Photo by  Trevor Traynor

Ancestor Media LLC is the home to Los Angeles based music producer, writer and composer Brendan Angelides.

Under the umbrella are Ancestor (the record label, publishing) and FeelHarmonic. His multi-genre compositions as "Eskmo" have been featured on influential independent record labels like Apollo / R&S, Ninja Tune, Warp Records and Planet Mu.

He is the lead composer for the Showtime TV series "BILLIONS" starring Emmy and Golden Globe winners Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis. 

He is one of the founding members of the Los Angeles based Echo Society. Started in 2013, the group has presented sold out events in unique locations featuring large orchestral ensembles mixed with electronics and custom lighting design for each show. 

Past press:

  • “Electrifyingly enveloping…mind-melting invention here...” – BBC Music
  • "Perfection...sterile yet somehow soulful contribution to “Billions” perfectly matches the overall mood, in a way that heightens the show’s psychological anxiety and the frosty exchanges between characters." - The Washington Post
  • "...the feeling of bigger-than-all-of-us cosmic heat the record's best moments invoke" - Pitchfork
  • “Eskmo has created his own sound.” – Future Sequence
  • “..A unique vision and fascinating example of the intersection of organic and electronic.” Fact Mag
  • “Elegantly melodic, beautiful electronics and enough skewed rhythmatics to make this release a brilliant opening full-length release.” – Bleep
  • “Ethereal and very poetic in nature, and very representative of the whole listening experience.“ – The Line of Best Fit
  • “Dark, moody and quite magnificent, prepare to have your ears cranked open by Eskmo’s innovative individualism.” DJ Mag


BILLIONS SEASON 1: All original score (Showtime)
ESKMO: "Aether" : The Echo Society (Performed and recorded live at "V" with a 40 piece orchestra)

ESKMO: "Locomotive" : The Echo Society (Performed and recorded live at "VEILS" with a 9 piece chamber ensemble)
ESKMO: "Jupiter" : The Echo Society (Performed and recorded live at "BLOOM" with a 20 piece chamber orchestra)
ESKMO: "SOL" : (Full length LP) : Apollo

ESKMO: Aspen (single) : Ancestor (w 6 bonus field recordings)
ESKMO: Perspective (compilation) : The Echo Society (live w 12 piece chamber orchestra)
ESKMO: California (single) : Ancestor
ESKMO: Polar Bear and Blackbirds (compilation) : The Echo Society (live w 10 piece chamber ensemble)

HUNDRED WATERS: "Boreal" (Eskmo Remix) OWSLA
ESKMO: "Terra" EP : Ancestor

ESKMO: "Language" EP : Ancestor
WELDER: "Ocean" (made from field recordings from China) Expedisound

WELDER: "Florescence" LP : Ancestor

ESKMO: "Eskmo" LP : Ninja Tune
ESKAMON (Amon Tobin & Eskmo collaboration) : "Fine Objects" : Ancestor
ESKMO: "Lands and Bones" : Warp Records

ESKMO: "Let Them Sing" / "From the Standpoint" : Planet Mu
BIBIO (ESKMO REMIX): "Dwrcan" : Warp Records
STS9: "Shock Doctrine" (ESKMO + WELDER remixes) : 1320 Records
ESKMO: "Hypercolor" - EP : Ancestor
COTK (ESKMO REMIX): "We Are the Glitch" : Blipswitch
JASON SPARKS (ESKMO REMIX) : "One Eyed Man" : Contrabass
SUB SWARA (ESKMO remix) : "Deconstructing the Absence" : Sub Swara
ESKMO: "Agnus Dei " / "Harmony" : Ancestor

BAR 9 (ESKMO REMIX): "Murda Sound" : Z Audio
WELDER : "Chalice Well" EP
WELDER & SEED : "Last Place to Hide / Sirens" (2 tracks on "Chime" compilation) :
WELDER : "Bombo's Song" (single track on "Mongolia Expediasound" compilation)
WELDER : "Purple and Orange Remix EP"
ESKMO : "Willow Grail / Process / Trudge"
ESKMO+DJ QUEST : "Speaker's Corner"

ESKMO : "Jetski / Sand Dunes" Bassrock
ESKMO : "Amphibian" : BAD Compilation Full Melt
ESKMO+THE ANTISERUM : "Monstahs" : BAD Compilation Full Melt
WELDER : "Bamboo Snow" EP : Native State
ESKMO : 'Speaking In Tonuges / Inastance" : Mechanoise
ESKMO : "No Man's Land (30hz, Eskmo Remix) / Waterfight" : Vertical Sound

ESKMO+30HZ : "Ghost In The Machine" :2006 : Vertical Sound
ESKMO : "Only a Few / Forces of Spirit" : 2006 :Downbeat
ESKMO : "Cliffside / Embryonic" : 2006 :Cyberfunk
WELDER : "Vines and Stream" LP : 2006 : Cyberset

ESKMO+BACKDRAFT : "Basement" Downbeat
ESKMO : "Amston Lake Recordings" Self released- home made cd

ESKMO : "Ascension" Self released - home made cd
Eskmo : "Illuminate" Self released- home made cd
Eskmo : "Machines on Task" Self released- home made cd